This website is design and built by YOBO Global Creative. Copyright 2011-2012. Chief Luiginni. All rights reserved. KONTES DANGDUT TPI (KDI) - Kontes Dangdut TPI is a dangdut singer search competition sponsored by a MNC in cooperation with the TPI (now MNCTV). KDI is the largest in Indonesia dangdut contest. Contestants entire KDI who have been selected to be quarantined in a dormitory and training provided in the form of choreography, vocal, on performance, personality and fashion. KDI entire contestant who has been selected each week will be pitted in a contest KDI. Appearance of the contestants will be judged by a panel of judges drawn from among the singers, comedians and artists even high officials as well as support for SMS viewer. The host is Ramzi (first season; second and third seasons were replaced Irfan Hakim) and Ussy Sulistiowati (first and second seasons; replaced Asti Ananta third season due to childbirth), while the jury of three men who each week varies. This event had given birth star or used to be called Siti Rahmawati KDI who later won many awards, including from MTV Indonesia